Rachel Grant

Rachel is a rising Atlanta artist who has had numerous solo exhibitions, ensuring that her work is always visible and in demand. I went into this project with the goal of creating a beautiful e-commerce page for her while always planning for her to take over the maintenance and upkeep of the site once I was completed.

What I learned

One of the most difficult aspects of working on personal projects with other creative people is that we both have a vision for how the design should look. When working with a client like this, you must strike a balance between guiding them where they need to be guided on the design and allowing them to feel as though their design input is being realized. Because this was a class project, I had to balance my class deadline, my other commitments, and, most importantly, her commitments. Finding this balance was the most impressive aspect of my work on this project.


This was my third WordPress page, and navigating around with all of the intricacies in my theme was much easier. At times, I had to deviate from the requested design because I couldn’t figure out how to deliver the desired look. As the project progressed, I was able to incorporate those ideas into the site once I figured out how to do so in WordPress. A client never wants to hear the word “no,” so I always respond, “I will look into that and see what I can come up with.”

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