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I’m Ryan. I love great design, and helping people visualize their dreams is what I do.

Whether it be a product, a place, or a new idea, I can bring it to life through the latest 3D technologies.

  • 3D Modeling.
  • Renderings.
  • Animations.
  • Virtual Reality.

My specialization is in computer modeling, though I am also an innovator and entrepreneur. I’m fascinated by emerging technologies and how they facilitate everyday life. As Principle and Co-Owner of ALPHA Design Studio, I do what I love every day.

My Mission

I transform space to place across the globe. My work embodies the juxtaposition of research and art for visualizations that are innately desirable and timeless. My dedication to the craft of place is what drives me through digital graphic realization of a client’s vision or creation of new design ideas.

My Plan

I specialize in architectural 3D renderings, animation, and virtual reality, providing a real-time interactive experience before the designed product is finalized.

My Vision

As an expert in design and research, I remain at the forefront of industry and technological advancements. My visualization products meet the needs of the client, whether basic architectural modeling or an interactive building or site walk-through. I thrive on bringing designs to life.

Skilled and creative 3D modeler knowledgeable in a wide array of modeling solutions.

My portfolio contains a range of innovative and successful commercially and artistically innovative projects, including animation, architecture, and product design. Working as part of a team or independently gives every assignment a high quality and detail level.

  • Low and High Poly 3D Modeling.
  • Gaming fields and trends
  • Easily coordinate with artistic teams.

I have worked on many major projects, including high-end flagship stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, and Times Square.

For nearly two decades I’ve specialized in advanced modeling and visualization of the built environment.

Through the years I’ve evolved along with technology, adopting new hardware and software and learning the latest tools to deliver excellent products in my trade. I pride myself on staying ahead of the curve, spending countless hours investigating where my industry is headed and helping my clients to standardize cutting-edge design communication methods.

More recently I’ve introduced virtual and augmented reality into my business, realizing the transformative power of moving beyond standard two-dimensional methods of sharing design ideas.

  • Virtual and augmented reality for progressive design communication
  • Human response in immersive virtual environments for retail and service-based industries
  • Perceptions and effects of mixed reality in public spaces for enhanced human experience
  • Implementation of mixed and alternative environments for improved health outcomes
  • Virtual reality as a tool for the site and architectural design process

I can create and apply design strategies across branding and product design. Refine design directions and finalize design details. Lead the planning and structuring of deliverables

Detail-oriented, performance-driven, and highly accomplished Industrial Designer with 10+ years of experience developing custom designs of various architectural elements. Adept at completing projects within budget and on time. I offer excellent knowledge of multiple design software programs, great teamwork abilities, and extraordinary communication skills.

  • Work directly with engineering and marketing on new and existing products.
  • Assist engineering and fabrication with 3d modeling for appearance models and graphics.
  • Consult with clients to determine design direction and streamline process.

I have always been fascinated with innovation, creating inventions in my garden and around the home. This developed into a keen eye for design, creativity and functionality.

Augmented reality is a case in point of modern progress which has revolutionized visual communication.

Education, communication, healthcare, defense or other industries are all to a certain degree interrupted by AR.

I worked with design teams, prototypers, experts in product testing and technology. This experience allowed me to work with a team to develop an enhanced reality experience that can only be found on Microsoft HoloLens.

  • 3D modeling
  • Content production
  • VR/AR production management

All of these abilities have been put to use in the creation and implementation of numerus AR projects.


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3D Modeling

This process involves taking a design concept and visualizing it using whatever means necessary, so that a client can better understand the product that they will receive.

Virtual Reality

Once you have all of the elements of a 3D Model complete, you are not limited to a simple rendering, or even and animation. You can now take it to virtual reality..

3d Printing

Once you have created a nice 3d model it can also be used to create 3d print. After all, 3d prints are created based on the exact same info you already have, just a bunch of polygons.

Augmented Reality

AR is the real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics, audio, and 3D Models integrated with real-world objects.

Mark Diedrich

Ceo & Founder

We at Kuo Diedrich have used Ryan's 3D Visualization talents on multiple projects with great results. It's great to be able to use someone local that can do this work at an affordable price. Our clients find his renderings to be an invaluable tool.

Rafael Garcia


Ryan brought to the team his extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art software and his ability to communicate design concepts, and the results were quick, complete, accurate, attractive and better than they would have been but for his involvement.

Craig Trettau


Ryan is a natural leader who sets expectations and is solution-focused when faced with challenges.


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