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Rachel Grant

Rachel is a rising Atlanta artist who has had numerous solo exhibitions, ensuring that her work is always visible and in demand. I went into this project with the goal of creating a beautiful e-commer…

WordPress Variety Pack

I began with my News site first because I assumed it would be the easier of the two, but it turned out that the template I used had limited functionality, making my job much more difficult. When the H…

What is the Emerging Media Masters

I’ve wanted to make apps for my iPhone 3G since I bought it over ten years ago. I attempted to learn how to use various programs to create mobile content on my own and through my business, but it took me some time to realize the amount of work and various tasks required to get a working prototype model. I was introduced to the New Media Institute by a colleague, and I knew right away that the Emerging Media Masters was something I wanted to pursue. The multimedia brownbag luncheons with former NMI all-stars have already changed my perspective on this journey. Following my conversations with a diverse group of professionals, I realized how many different career paths I will be able to pursue.

My EM Journey

When I first entered the NMI, my goal was to become heavily involved in the Augmented Reality field and develop training applications for medical or manufacturing purposes. I believe that this new and emerging field has far more potential and scope than just those two specific areas, and that the knowledge I gain from the NMI will greatly expand the areas I can reach.